Pregnant Teen Shot, Dumped and Died – “Boyfriend” Implicated

teen-death-twoJust the sort of guys you’d be happy that your 15 year old daughter was involved with – am I right?!

Today, we just accept as normal the following behavior, and we accept the fact that two young people like this were really “in love” and that it’s no big deal that a 15 year old is pregnant. It’s just normal – we no longer have shame as a component of socialization because “shame” is bullying or hate thought or something like that. So without conveying the idea that it’s a good social and financial decision to stay in school and at least get through high school without being pregnant by a thug we get the following:

A juvenile, a 21-year-old man, and another 19-year old man (who cops won’t name) have been charged in the shooting death of a pregnant teen, Eva Casara, on Christmas Day in a southern Chicago suburb, police said Saturday, says NBC News Chicago.  Happy Holidays!

Anthony Lee, 16, reportedly the young teen’s boyfriend and the father of Eva’s baby, was charged with first-degree murder along with his 21-year-old brother, Diante Lamont Coakley, according to Dolton Police Chief John Franklin.  The third suspect was arrested after he turned himself in, but even though he is 19 he has not been identified as of this writing.

It’s still unclear whether the police are still searching for a fourth person.

What a charming family. Let me guess – no father, right?

The victim, Eva Casara, was found shot between two houses in the 1100 block of East 152nd Street in south suburban Dolton on Christmas Day. She was 26 weeks pregnant.

She managed to stay alive long enough for her 1-pound, 5-ounce baby later named Lailani Paris Casara to be born. Doctors at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn were caring for her, but the infant remains in very critical condition.

Authorities said the shooting was the result of a drug-related robbery that “spiraled out of control” – not surprising given the education level of the “band of brothers” involved in the incident.  Who also do not seem to possess some other crucial factors for life success, including future time orientation, logic capabilities, and impulse control.

Prosecutors alleged Lee, Coakley, a third brother, and Casara herself went to 152nd and Dorchester on Christmas Day with the intention of robbing someone Casara had arranged to meet.

I can’t think of a more wonderful day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Can you?

So let’s be clear, a pregnant 15 year old and her lover were both involved in the incident. So, yes, I am blaming the victim.

Once that person arrived at the scene, Casara and Coakley got into the back seat of the person’s car and had a conversation with the driver, who told Coakley to get out of the car.

Coakley exited the car and walked to the driver’s side door, trying to open it when the driver began to drive away. Coakley and one of the other offenders began shooting at the car, striking Casara in the head.

Because, well, the Coakley Brothers aren’t really very bright, and they may also be completely without morals, compassion, or basic human decency.

It wasn’t until the driver and a passenger heard “gurgling sounds” that they realized Casara was still in the backseat.  I wonder where they thought she was.

The driver pulled the victim out of the car and drove to Hammond, Ind., prosecutors said. Somehow she ended up near the 1100 block of 152nd Street barely alive, but she was pronounced dead at a hospital ironically called the Advocate Christ Medical Center, the next morning.

In other words, dear reader, that brother who “loved” Casara might have saved her life had he taken her to the hospital instead of allowing her to be dumped to lie in an ally.

Instead, authorities say the three brothers went back to their grandmother’s home, and when they didn’t find Casara there, Lee and Coakley went to Gary, Indiana. Why would they think she was there, when she was with them?  And why Gary, Indiana? One of the many hell holes in the US of A people like the Coakley brothers have helped to create.

“Officers discovered that she had one gunshot wound to the head, bleeding profusely from the head, and they immediately called for an ambulance and fire department to give us a hand with that,” Franklin said.

Coakley and Lee turned themselves in to the Dolton Police Department, where they admitted to planning the robbery, prosecutors said.

Witnesses identified Coakley as a shooter that night.

“Of course I’m surprise,” said Casara’s aunt Melody Vardas. Did she really say that or is it a misprint – I’ve seen the quote in more than one publication, so I assume she really did say she was “surprise.”

These are the sorts of people who will soon be a majority in this country and that you and I will have to foot the bill for until they end up dead in an ally.

“We didn’t know the extent of his involvement in the situation. He put her in a situation- him and his brother put her in a bad situation. Why would he do that?” continued Aunt Melody.

Uh, well Melody, maybe because he’s an evil, venal, uneducated, cretin?

Vargas said the two had been dating for more than a year and were “in love.”

“She was in love with him, she was blushing saying ‘this is my boyfriend,” Vargas said. “And he also said ‘I love her and I’d do anything for her.'”

Except make sure she got medical attention right away, of course. That’s where he draws the line!

On Saturday, Casara’s family held a vigil for the slain teen.

How nice.

“It’s a healing process,” said her mother Estrellita Casara. “This is helpful. I needed this because I can’t sleep.”

What? Now I know people say strange things when under stress and it is traumatic to lose your child. But in what way is a neighborhood vigil helpful? I guess I have a different frame of reference, but a neighborhood vigil seems too little too late to me. And not helpful at all.

Estrellita could have done a lot more for her daughter, and yes, now is the time to say it. What were you thinking lady? Did you think your daughter was “dating” a nice young man with a bright future or did you even know him?

You can tell yourself that Eva was in the wrong place at the wrong time and you can tell yourself that she did not know why she was there, in that situation, but if she was “dating” the guy for more than a year – and pregnant by him – do you really think she knew nothing about how he made his extra money? Do you think she knew nothing about what sort of person he was?

Did you just blithely accept the fact that your 15 year old was pregnant and did you not even consider she would likely have a very tough life because of that – is that because you were pregnant when you were 15?  Is getting pregnant while you’re still in high school part of your “culture”?

Sorry – but here’s some “tough love” – kids have a much better shot at life when they have some moral grounding. When they have some guidance – for instance being told that it’s not a great idea to become pregnant by a thug when you’re 15.

Yes, moms it can be done – I have seen it done.  You can give children guidance, if you know yourself what makes a good decisions and what doesn’t.

They even do better when they have a stable mother and father – research proves it.  Moreover, multiracial children of single mothers are more likely to live in poverty – does that bother you at all? I know, it’s a hate fact!

If the little baby Lailani happens to live, and you bring her up, what sort of advice will you give her, mamma?

Here’s some advice, from the script for Woody Allen’s “Everyone Says I Love You” – you can learn a lot from rich New York Progressives (who, as the late Joseph Sobran said, have the migration and mating habits of the KKK). The scene is between Goldie Hawn, Woody Allen and their daughter, played by Drew Barrymore.  Drew is to tell her parents she has changed her mind about marrying her boyfriend, in favor of another man. If I find the scene on Youtube I will post it, but it’s not a scene that Woody Allen wants to advertise. I recommend you see the movie because its portrayal of the DWP (Disingenuous White Progressive) is quite good – and it tells you exactly what they think of the people they insist on inflicting on the rest of us.  Emphasis mine.

Oh and one more thing.  “Charles Ferry” is black.

If you want to live like the people in this movie, then you should do as the people in the movie do.

Holden is wonderful, but someone else came into my life.

I must see where it goes. It'd be unfair to Holden if not.

Now we’ve bought the wedding dress...tell us who this new Prince

Charming is.

You don’t know him. Well, you do, but not like I do.

I’m sick.

My oesophagus is in spasms.

Go have a drink of water.

Look what you’re doing to your father.

Who has come between you and Holden?

Well, he’s bright and charming.

Rough on the outside, but that can change.

Who is it? Will you tell us, or is this like a game show?

You remember Charles Ferry?

Pardon me? For a minute I thought she said Charles Ferry.

Now my oesophagus is starting to move.

The escaped convict?

Ex-convict. He has a college degree.

This is a psychotic episode.

You need shock treatment, or industrial-strength Prozac.

Mom, you understand.

He’s incredibly animalistic.

So we turn him over to the zoo.

And yet, he’s a child.

Okay, we’ll make it the children’s zoo.

He’s a criminal!

I’m shocked. You’ve been singing his praises for months.

As a social symbol, not as a person to be with my child...

How are you going to go out with this man?

You scratch his back, he’ll knife you.
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