Colleen Ritzer Did NOT Misbehave Toward Confessed Murderer, Philip Chism

Boston Herald MediaColleen Ritzer, RIP

Essex County Assistant District Attorney David O’Sullivan, fighting to protect his case against the 14-year-old accused killer of a Danvers High School math teacher Philip Chism, told a judge yesterday there was nothing untoward about teacher Colleen Ritzer’s relationship with him, according to local paper The Boston Herald.

O’Sullivan offered no explanation for why he volunteered the statement, according to the report. Oh, I think I can guess – as I suggested in my first post on this case, the defense and enablers in the press who support Philip Chism because he is a member of a privileged victim group, would naturally suggest in any insidious way possible that Ritzer deserved to die because she had led the boy astray, or made him believe she was interested in him.

So perhaps this is O’Sullivan’s pre-emptive strike to stop Chism’s public defenders – lawyers and otherwise – to insinuate such a lie.

“There is absolutely no evidence of any misconduct or wrongdoing by 
Ms. Ritzer of any sort,” O’Sullivan said in a court hearing held for attorneys for several media outlets arguing to unseal Chism’s entire file in Salem District Court.

Judge Michael C. Laur­anzano’s 10-day impoundment order was due to expire; however, O’Sullivan pushed for it to be extended until at least Nov. 22, when he expects a grand jury investigation of the facts of Ritzer’s stabbing death to be complete.

Lauranzano took the matter under advisement – and as of now no decision has been made.

Susan Oker, one of Chism’s public 
defenders, moved that the search warrant information remain sealed until after the teen’s trial.

Oker said “statements taken from a 14-year-old child” that she described as “extraneous and inflammatory” will be “a very live 
issue” for the defense.

In other words, spontaneous truth-telling should never be made public.  Philip Chism and his lawyers need to get their stories straight and be assured that major media will go along with their invented narrative.

Interestingly, the Boston Herald also has or had a story about the rocky family life of Chism, which is not accessible in its archive, even though the paper says it is. I would happily purchase the story but it has been scrubbed from the Herald’s search engine and archive. Here’s all I can get:

“Civil court documents obtained by the Herald today shed new light on accused teenage killer Philip Chism’s family and early life in Tennessee.

“Chism’s mother, Diana Chism, 34, married his father, Stacy Chism, 38, in September 1998, according to documents provided by the Montgomery County court clerk’s office. Philip Chism was born four months later, in January 1999, the papers say. He also has a sister, now 13.

“Diana Chism filed for divorce from Stacy Chism in March 2001, according to the documents.”

The story does seem to continue, so let’s just say Chism’s uncle is wrong when he says little Philip is the perfect kid.

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