Oberlin Race Hoaxers Privileged Whities


Dylan Bleier, pimply-faced former Oberlin scalawag.
Is he mad because he’s ugly? Oh, is that mean? How can it be, this dude is white. I can say anything I want about this POS.

According to the Daily Caller, the two college kids who dreamed up the weeks-long anti-gay and anti-black race hoax at Oberlin are two darling white kids from privileged backgrounds.  One of them, described by the DC, seems particularly stupid, not only because he staged a fake hate crime but because he seems particularly mixed up in terms of his belief system.  Apparently, Dylan Bleier describes himself on Twitter (natch!) as an “atheist/pacifist/environmentalist/libertarian socialist/consequentialist.” He forgot /moron.  And I bet you his parents will be surprised to learn their little darlin’ is an atheist – especially since his bar mitzvah cost quite a bit of money.

Wait – you might be wondering what a “consequentialist” is – and I think under the circumstances it’s worth reviewing it:

con·se·quen·tial·ism [kon-si-kwen-shuh-liz-uhm] noun

1. the theory that human actions derive their moral worth solely from their outcomes or consequences.

2. the theory that ethical decisions should be made on the basis of the expected outcome or consequences of the action.

In ethics it is the doctrine that an action is right or wrong according to whether its consequences are good or bad.

It really does not get better than that, does it?  I would love to know what consequences Dylan thought his actions as a race hoaxer might have…time will tell.

Bleier also listed his participation in a group called Ithaca White Allies Against Structural Racism. He joined the group in May 2013, he reported. He said the group’s goal is to “eradicate structural racism in Tompkins County [NY], via forums discussing racism.”

So what the hell is “structural racism” you may ask.  It’s synonymous with institutional racism, only it sounds more smarter you know what I mean dude? Institutional racism describes systems of inequality based on race, which allegedly occur in institutions such as public government bodies, private business corporations (such as media outlets), and universities (public and private).

For instance, the Chicago Transit Authority could be defined as expressing structural racism – but don’t hold your breath, because it won’t be. (FYI: The Chicago Transit Authority, one of the largest employers in Chicago, has a dramatic racial imbalance in its workforce, records show. Data obtained by WND through a Freedom of Information Act request reveals that whites and Hispanics are vastly underrepresented in the Chicago Transit Authority workforce. Minorities are 82 percent of the total CTA workforce, with blacks comprising 65 percent. The city of Chicago itself is roughly one-third white, one-third Hispanic and one-third black.).

Chicago’s postal workers might also be accused of structural racism.  Blacks represent 75 percent to 80 percent of the 5,000 letter carriers in the Chicago area, according to Mack Julion, president of the Chicago branch of the National Association of Letter Carriers. That’s according to Yahoo’s story (now a broken link) U.S. Post Office cuts threaten source of black jobs, Yahoo!, 1-22-13.

Also Chinese restaurants and nail salons might also be examples of structural racism in the private sector.

Now that you understand structural racism, back to Oberlin.

Oberlin College president Marvin Krislov told CNN at the time that the student rallies were “an educational moment.” He said the students “feel inspired because the institution has the courage to talk about these issues and to confront concerns and that is part of our educational mission.”

He’s not saying anything now. But perhaps it will become a teachable moment for Marv. Somehow I doubt it. Because even fake hate crimes are “real” to people like Krislov, his enablers, all progressives everywhere, and “victims” because they represent something that should happen because otherwise why are they all feeling so miserable and angry all the time. Marv likely fantasizes about hate crimes and their media and publicity potential while he is masturbating – becoming a hero to the faux downtrodden while he overseeing a free-for-all (but expensive) mainly white private liberal arts college is hot.

Let’s just say a truly free and just society would not inspire nor tolerate fake hate crimes – since hate crimes are thought crimes anyway.  Tyranny is a terrible tragedy for the rest of us, especially when perpetrated by pimply faced twerps who will go on to run influential non-profits or even universities.


Marvin Krislov – gee, he could be Dylan’s dad!
Hide your children, that’s all I’m saying.

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7 Responses to Oberlin Race Hoaxers Privileged Whities

  1. Both these Pricks need a Good old fashioned ASS Whoopin!!!!!!

  2. freegirl100 says:

    Dear William: Yes, you are right of course – and thank you for posting. However, given the way things operate I suspect he will be bestowed the “his heart was in the right place” award and eventually end up running some “non profit” social justice organization, or even win a spot at the Southern Poverty Law Center. They need more creative thinkers like Bleier. Thank you – Freedom H.

  3. westie says:

    Marvin Krislov, proud member of the anti-racism tribe. I sent his office an email asking for a response and suggesting his lying about the fraud should be followed by his expulsion from academia. I copied the BoD! Pleas do the same!

  4. freegirl100 says:

    Thank you Westie – and good work keeping on top of Oberlin. I fear that instead of leaving the academy, Marv will be given another his-heart-is-in-the-right-place award and be offered to head up a bigger, better, more progressive college. This is normally how the upside down world of progressives work. Tyranny is evil.

  5. Joe Doakes says:

    Dylan Breier is a nice Jewish kid. He and his sister, Julia Breier, were raised by their parents Alan Breier and his wife Lauren Frisch. 

Dylan’s folks are Jewish They married race-pure to preserve their racial and ethnic history.

Dylan’s dad is not an upscale Jewish guy, however. He is a nanolithography engineer at Cornell. Smart and well educated, but without that drive for money-getting.

According to the internet, they do things like donate to AIDS charities, join sustainable agriculture groups and in general fight for “social justice”. 

The Bleiers lived in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts for several years when Dylan was a kid. Jamaica Plain is a 55% white, 24% Mexican, and 13% black suburb of Boston.
As the kids grew older the environment became increasingly dangerous for their kids and they had to leave, so they did the liberal white-flight thing and headed upstate to Ithaca, NY, called “New York’s most liberal town” by ePodunk.

But Ithaca is only 73% white. A vast improvement over Jamaica Plain, but well shy of “safe” and “well-educated”. So the Bleiers live in the even whiter and more elitist “Ithaca EcoVillage”. The Ithaca EcoVillage is a almost 100% white-flight/Jewish-flight enclave for college-educated liberals who don’t have enough money to buy into a gated community but nonetheless enjoy the safety of virtually all-white community. You know the drill: “sustainable living”, “recycling”, “community activism”, “social justice”, “global warming”, all the standard outlets for Tikkun Olam. If you don’t do community activism and volunteering stuff, you don’t get to live in the EcoVillage. It is a very effective way for white liberals to keep out blacks and white goy trash and simultaneously claim the moral high ground because they are “doing it for Mother Earth”. Twenty-first Century Kryptonite against any multiculturalist attack.

The Bleiers are doing well. Not making so much money, perhaps, but they live in a racially-segregated community. The EcoVillage is structured as a “housing cooperative”, which means the residents can make every owner or renter agree to special terms and conditions … or they don’t get to live or rent there. So Upper East Side.

    Just think of it. No Section 8! No colored folks! If the “Membership Committee” doesn’t want you, you don’t get in!

    The Israelis use the same “cooperative” arrangement to prevent Arabs from moving into their apartment buildings.

    There are lessons to be learned from the Israelis and the Bleiers. Do what they do. Don’t listen to what they say.

    • freegirl100 says:

      Thank you Joe, for reading and for commenting – so I guess I was right about all that money wasted on their “atheist” son…it’s also ironic to me that while Jews support that ethno state of Israel and obviously their own ethno states, they do everything they can to sport mass immigration, especially from third world countries, to the US. Why? Can they really insulate themselves forever?

  6. Joe Walker says:

    It is not really that ironic since Jews have generally believed that anyting that is bad for gentiles is good for them. Wherever Jews have moved to throughout their history they have always sought to undermine the local gentile population. This is just business as usual for them.

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