The Refugee Racket is Anti-Freedom

oozing boil

Oozing boil. Hope you’ve had your coffee!

Hey kids! It’s really scary about those seven Somali men attacking two separate groups of joggers in Fridley, Minnesota isn’t it? Wow! Let’s hope this bizarrely cheerful news report helps, say the two doofus’s on the local CBS channel in the Viking state.

No one, including the police, have a CLUE why the men would randomly attack joggers – after all, they didn’t take money. That would be an excellent reason to attack people at random, completely understandable. Especially since it’s very hard being a Somali in evil America, and in a state with a climate exactly the opposite of Somali.  The good news – it just keeps getting better – is that according to Lt. Mike Monsrud, of the Fridley Police, attacks like these are rare. Whew!

But why, why? Oh, I found something readily available on YouTube, which explains why! Maybe we should send this over to the brain vault over at the Fridley Police Department.

This story about Somalis in Tennessee is interesting too –

Apparently, the problems between Somalis and citizens is the fault of Tennessee because Tennessee “has no programs to assimilate refugees.”  The State Department settles Somalis all over the country because they run a tax payer program to import people here from war torn countries. Why? Because American progressives and the American government are Imperialist instigators, agitators, and interlopers.

Oh, did I mention Tyson hires Somalis too?

Yes, the Refugee Racket, which has nothing to do with freedom, IS a great way for “caring” churches and other “non profit groups” to make dinero while making both refugees and citizens who find them in their midst suffer. Who cares because it is the citizens’ fault for not being hospitable enough to a variety of cultures that are alien to them, unfamiliar, and unappealing.

You may ask why the refugee racket is anti-freedom. Here are a few reasons, listed numerically for ease of absorption:

1. Plopping people down in a community without consideration for the people who live there tramples on community and individual rights.

2. Plopping people down someplace they are unfamiliar with tramples on their individual rights.

3. People who are plopped down from a tribal community into a more independent one often expect everyone to agree to their lifestyle. This tramples on the rights on individuals.

4. Taking people from war torn countries out of an innate sense of fairness, or social engineering, is imposing on a sovereign people, its values, government, and community. No matter how bad you think it is or how bad it actually is.

We should all be deeply concerned about the Refugee Racket, but since few people in the US know about it unless they are living with it no one will know about it because the national media does’t care to report on it (that might be seen as racis’!).

The sad part of it is, that the underclass in America that exists is least of all helped by this and is very hurt by it in fact. I am so sorry for Americans in this situation.  We have lost all allegiance to Black Americans in particular, and other American people who are also struggling – white, yellow, brown – as they often unwittingly support the very thing that makes them sicker. They will continue to be degraded by it and this is a hard hole to get out of.

Of course, the Refugee Racket and other such social engineering through the mass importation of people from alien cultures can also lead down the road to Nationalism among people who become frustrated and angry at what is happening to them. How sad. Multiculturalism is a scab atop the boil of The State.

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