The Joys of Multiculturalism Slaps Gays and Blacks in the Face

But what can they really do about it? Because it’s a person of color, a person of a diverse culture. The ones progressives are always crowing about that we need more of…because where would we buy a Big Gulp’s and ciggies if it weren’t for Indian convenience store owners. It’s a job no American wants, you know!

You see, a sign with a gay slur on it, “fag” I am guessing, is upsetting some customers at a LaGrange, GA convenience store.  The owner, Anil Patel, who is of Indian origin, said he put up the sign because he was sick of customers coming in with saggy pants. The sign calls customers a gay slur if they choose to wear saggy pants.  La Grange is about 40% African American.  Saggy pants are a prison tradition favored by black rappers and popular primarily among black males, however since hip hop and urban culture infects everything it touches, white kids can also be seen wearing baggy pants.

The sign reads:

Only fags like to keep their pants down!!!!

Pull your pants up!!!


Be proud to be “fag”!!!!

“It really offends me by them coming in, pants down. So it is not that I’m against them, gay people or anything like that, but just trying to prove a point. If you are going to come in my store, make sure you have your pants on,” Patel told Channel 2’s Rachel Stockman.

Is Patel racist and homophobic, or does he know that black men are homophobic? I mean, according to progressives, no one of color and no immigrant from a third world country can be racist. So Patel just needs education. Or something.

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Diversity Enriches UK in So Many Ways, Like Public Urination

According to the Daily Mirror, a woman who doesn’t look particularly historically British, pulled her pants down in the middle of a shopping street to pee. That may be normal in the country where she hails from, wherever that might be. So British people are yet again learning about some wonderful new practices of the citizens who are going to replace them.  I won’t post the gross pictures here, but you can satisfy your interest at the Daily Mirror, who was kind enough to show Britons and whoever else is looking (like me) what the country will look like in another decade or so.

Police are trying to identify her, but of course, “At this stage it is unclear as to whether any action will be taken should she be identified.”  What action could they take anyway? All she has to say is, “It’s my culture to pee in public,” and everyone will wring their hands and nod their heads and go back to being invaded and colonized by people whom they pay welfare benefits to.




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The Tolerance Gestapo – Grocery Store Must Be Stopped!

According to Oregon Live, a farmer who is opening a store in Sellwood, had the unmitigated gall to twice post her personal opposition to gay marriage on her private, personal FaceBook page.  That means the Gay and Tolerance Gestapo have to spring into action to make sure the store owner knows she is being watched, and she might not find this tolerant community so welcoming. No kidding. Here’s a quote from the story from a Disingenuous White Progressive:

“They’re choosing to open a business in a very open-minded neighborhood,” said Tom Brown, owner of Brown Properties and president of the Sellwood Moreland Business Alliance. “I think their personal views are going to hurt.”

See, you’re going to get hurt if your personal views clash with the “open-minded” population.

You see, Tom and his friends are so open-minded they do not allow people who disagree on a political issue into the neighborhood.  They are so in love with diversity they do not allow people to open businesses who disagree on political issues. Because political views are black and white, right and wrong. There are no gray areas. And opposition to gay marriage is no longer a legitimate point of view (The Catholic Church, for instance, is an officially designated hate group).

Or as Tom might put it (I’m extrapolating of course, and Tom if you do not know what that word means, I’ve provided a link), “I ain’t seen you around here before, girl? You don’t look like you from these parts. You might not find it too easy to be here girl. Might consider going back to where you came from girl, because you might get ‘hurt’ is you stick around these parts for more than a night. Ya’ get my meaning girl?”

You see some of those friendly neighbors snooped around Chauncy Childs’ personal and private Facebook page – because all business owners must be investigated for their views – and they found her, “long post about her opposition to same-sex marriage, complaining that “a tiny minority is dictating a change of our social structure.” She also posted an article, written by someone else, supporting the right of businesses to refuse to serve gay people.”

And get a load of what on brown shirt did: “One neighbor posted a seven-minute video on YouTube about the issue, including snippets of Chauncey Childs’ posts on Facebook, documents that show she is the owner and other information that shows she tried to change her Facebook name.”

“Childs, who owns a farm in Oregon City, said her idea was to open a place where she could sell her own GMO-free produce and dairy along with other GMO-free products made by local vendors.”

Your friendly neighborhood lesbian has something to say about this too: “Beth Ramsey, who runs Chou Chou a Beauty Parlor in Sellwood, said she was initially excited about the prospect of shopping at the new store but now doubts she will go in.”

“I’m disappointed,” said Ramsey, who is lesbian. “It’s not like a boycott kind of energy. But I don’t need her to have my money.”

No, it’s not boycott energy, it’s just hate energy.  And that’s okay!

“About two years ago, Sellwood neighbors raised a storm of protest over a business that offered counseling services to sex offenders. The business eventually moved.” because pedophilia is a preference and a lifestyle, you know!

Ramsey said she is a bit surprised by Childs’ naivete, not just about Facebook but also about the neighborhood she picked.

“This neighborhood is like Mayberry. Everybody knows everybody. Everybody is talking to everybody.”

Like “Tom” probably said…”You might get hurt around here….ya’ get my meaning girl?”

So if you thought what happened to Mozilla chief was scary – it’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Let’s remember the Gestapo’s greatest strength: “It was ordinary Germans by their willingness to denounce one another who supplied the Gestapo with the information that determined whom the Gestapo arrested.” (Not believing in gay marriage is now considered a “controversial” stance.)

No matter what you really believe make sure all your public information says you believe in State Sanctioned gay marriage. Say “I believe in gay marriage” 1000 times or until you actually believe it even if you don’t believe it.  If anyone asks you if you believe in gay marriage, no matter how friendly they appear to be, always say you do believe in gay marriage.

I believe in gay marriage. I believe in gay marriage. I believe in gay marriage. I believe in gay marriage. I believe in gay marriage. I believe in gay marriage. I believe in gay marriage. I believe in gay marriage. I believe in gay marriage. I believe in gay marriage. …

Actually I don’t give a crap about gay marriage and I think the State should get out of the marriage business. But I’m sick and tired of the Gestapo telling us what we have to think if we want to make a living.


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Diversity is Our Weakness, Study Says. So Does Reality

According to a new study by Zachery Neal (Department of Sociology, Michigan State University) and Jennifer Watling Neal (Department of Psychology, Michigan State University) published in the American Journal of Community Research and Action  Community, “Community psychologists are interested in creating contexts that promote both respect for diversity and sense of community.” BUT…”theoretical and empirical work has uncovered a community-diversity dialectic wherein the contextual conditions that foster respect for diversity often run in opposition to those that foster sense of community. More specifically, within neighborhoods, residential integration provides opportunities for intergroup contact that are necessary to promote respect for diversity but may prevent the formation of dense interpersonal networks that are necessary to promote sense of community. Using agent-based modeling to simulate neighborhoods and neighborhood social network formation, we explore whether the community-diversity dialectic emerges from two principles of relationship formation: homophily and proximity. The model suggests that when people form relationships with similar and nearby others, the contexts that offer opportunities to develop a respect for diversity are different from the contexts that foster a sense of community. Based on these results, we conclude with a discussion of whether it is possible to create neighborhoods that simultaneously foster respect for diversity and sense of community.”

Translation into plain English: diversity helps to fracture community mindedness, community cooperation, pleasant social interaction, and social cohesion. Diversity sucks. Under spontaneous order, people would likely organize themselves into small, cooperative, and homogeneous groups – and some groups would do better than others, but of course, all groups would be happier in general living amongst like minded people with shared values and common goals than living with people who share nothing in common. It’s called reality, professors.

Getting back to, “Community psychologists are interested in creating contexts that promote both respect for diversity and sense of community.” Keep on trying to create those “contexts” community psychologists – but if you do not need to research these contexts to keep your jobs, I can tell you how to create them in one easy step. Leave people ALONE.

Stop shoving diversity down people’s throats. Encourage newcomers to ASSIMILATE into their new society a la “When in Rome…” and allow people to live among the people they want to live among without telling them they are racist is they are white, and victims if they aren’t.




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Chinese Try to Get in On Victim Status Via Hate Hoax!

A whole new group has gotten in on the hate hoax, this time a Chinese woman in Spokane, Washington, according to The hate hoax seems to be so appealing, being found out seems to be worth the effort.

Authorities said the owner of a coffee stand who claimed someone spray-painted “Go back to China” outside her business and set part of her shop on fire carried out the crime herself.

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office had originally investigated the incident as a hate crime – naturally – and arson on January 21. Deputies, however, arrested Coffee Break owner Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputy Craig Chamberlin. on Friday.


Because she wasn’t smart enough to turn off the security cameras at her own coffee shop. That’s why.

Investigators said surveillance video showed Na with a gas can in hand. She was reportedly also seen reaching up to unplug her surveillance cameras before the crime occurred. On Wednesday, investigators told Na about the video.  But I guess she didn’t do a very good job – and I thought Chinese people had high IQs!

“The Deputy Fire Marshall did an outstanding job with his investigation. Watched the security tape and unfortunately for the owner he saw her place a gas can on the table just prior to the camera being turned off,” said Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputy Craig Chamberlin.

According to detectives, Na initially denied the accusation but later admitted it. The motive behind the crime was not clear.

I can tell you what the motive(s) are: cry for attention, being a victim can be profitable, and she may also be puzzled after being told by disingenuous white progressives how awful and racist white Americans are….and not experiencing any racism, she had to create it herself. That’s one of the things that’s so great about Disingenuous White Progressives. They make everyone miserable.


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Aborted Babies Heat UK Hospitals

When human life is so degraded that aborted babies are thought of as “waste” that can be used “efficiently” and burned to heat a hospital where sick people are allegedly cared for and other babies are born and allowed to live you know the culture has received a blow that it can never recover from.

There will not always be an England.



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Another College Race Hoax – Don’t Worry, It’s Not Wrong, Just a Teachable Moment

The February 2014 incident at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan has been uncovered as a hoax, naturally! Racial slurs written on a black Grand Valley State University student’s dorm room door show racial intolerance persists at the Allendale school, classmates said.

Donzelle Collins, a sophomore from Detroit, said the incident suggests the university still has ground to cover in building an inclusive campus. He and others said black and minority students still make up a relatively small portion of the university’s overall student body. In fall 2012, 5 percent of GVSU students were black, according to federal data. Snort! An emergency meeting was hosted Monday by the university’s chapter of the NAACP to discuss the incident.

On Wednesday, students on campus said there was a strong turnout at the meeting. “It wasn’t a surprise, considering the area we’re in,” Collins said.

No, Mr. Collins, it’s not a bit surprising, since you have been taught that you are victim and whitey be evil.

Too bad you wrong.

Because on March 21, 2014, after an investigation, came this, from the campus police and Grand Valley Police Department Chief Renee Freeman:

The Grand Valley State University Police Department has concluded a thorough investigation of the Racial Bias incident reported on February 17, 2014. The person believed to be responsible for the drawing and language written on the dry erase board is a Grand Valley student and the owner of the message board.

In other words, the person who owns and wrote the message on the whiteboard is black. So let’s all move along now because hate crimes exist even though they do not exist and even the fake ones are very serious moments for whites to remember they are all racist creeps.  Because even a fake hate crime can be used as a teachable moment.

It must be a cry for help of a black student under tremendous pressure to be treated like an equal, and held to the same standards as non black students at the school. Which I am sure Mr. Whiteboard isn’t. I am sure is accorded every consideration the mitigating circumstance of being black offers.

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