Acceptance of Toilets Slow in India

K-3463-96I like this historic Kohler so much I put it in my own bathroom. That’s because no matter how appealing it sounds, I do not want to go to the bathroom in the open fields of Central Park.

In other India-related news, the toilet mandate of the country’s PM isn’t working very well. According to Bloomberg, few people in India think toilets are sanitary or pleasant. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s biggest challenges in combating the world’s biggest sanitation problem, one that costs India 600,000 lives annually from diarrhea and exposes a third of the nation’s women to the risk of rape or sexual assault.

With no toilets for half the population, Modi promised to build 5.3 million latrines by the end of his first 100 days in office — that’s one a second until Aug. 31, according to the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation.

The only trouble is that many Indians do not like to use toilets and think they are unclean, even though about 100,000 tons of their excrement heads to markets every day on fruit and vegetables, according to Unicef, the United Nation’s children’s fund. Each gram of feces in an open field contains 10 million viruses, 1 million bacteria and 1,000 parasite cysts.

The excrement contaminates groundwater, causing illnesses such as diarrhea and cholera, and deters tourists whose immune systems are at the highest risk from the drug-resistant strains of fecal bacteria, according to the World Bank report. In addition, women are at risk when they go alone or i paris to poop in the fields.

There is a risk of assault, a danger that gained international attention in May when two girls from the village of Badaun in Uttar Pradesh were raped and hanged from a mango tree after they went to defecate outdoors. However, here’s what I think. India wanted the British out, so they left.

There is a lot to figure out for this young country, even though there are a lot of internet experts in India -I know this because we are importing them at break neck speed because they work much more cheaply than American programmers.

They also, like the British, tend to colonize where they are – except to complain about this here in ‘Merica would be racis!

It is up to India to figure out toilets are a good thing, that indoor plumbing and systemic plumbing is a wonderful technological advancement.  Poop in the gutter is so middle ages.  It is not up the whitey to save them from themselves.

I am tired of Dinsingeneous White Progressives going off to save people in third world countries or bring them here. It is not “racism” or the “terrible cellular memories of Colonialism” that has lead to a sanitation crisis in India. It is Indians’ problem.

We do not have to “educate” them – they are capable of educating themselves, as long as they stay in India. If they want to be Americans, then they have to actually act like it. When traveling to India, which I recommend, here is what I advise: stay in the very best hotels with modern Western conveniences.

Trip Advisor is also a good resource. Do not skimp or “rough it” when traveling in India. Go with a tour group (I am not recommending the company linked specifically, I just suggest you look into tours like these).

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Multiculti Couple Nearly Kills Daughter in NY

The lovely home where a 12-year-old girl was beaten senseless and starved by her parents. Very culturally enriching, no?

I love multiculturalism and the mass importation of third world peoples into a country that now believes assimilation is racist, that diversity is our strength, and everything is relative.

For instance, an Indian couple has been arrested in Queens, New York and charged with subjecting their 12-year-old daughter to “unspeakable physical abuse” for months by starving her and beating her with a metal handle and baseball bat, leaving her severely bruised and hospitalised for surgery. Step-mommy kicked the girl in the face on at least one occasion.

Rajesh Ranot, 46, and his wife (and step mom to the abused girl) Sheetal Ranot, 31, of Queens were arraigned in Queens Criminal Court and together charged in a criminal complaint with firssecond and third degree assault, unlawful imprisonment and endangering the welfare of a child, District Attorney Richard Brown said.

If they are not citizens, don’t worry, they won’t be deported.

By the way, yes I do know that Americans beat their children. I know they commit crimes. However, there would be less crime and it would be easier to deal with (no accusations of racism in sentencing) if we lived in a more homogeneous society where we were unified under the banner of “American” – and we would also be freer.

I also adore India and Indian people and I am horrified this happened to this darling child, and that we had to take in these hideous, amoral, evil people.

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MSNBC: Obama is From Kenya

I’ve never weighed in on the birther controversy, although given Obama’s original literary agency’s insistence that their client was from Kenya, I have my doubts, which I mainly keep to myself.  Until now.  The MSM meme is that the agency was wrong (the agency says they were wrong too – LOL) but the media has also never produced a genuine birth certificate either so there is no definitive proof of where Obama was born so I don’t actually think the matter of his birth is settled. Unless Obama made it up and told them a lie because it does, in fact, make one more marketable to be Western but not Western – at least to NY publishing elites about whom I know quite a bit about.  But MSNBC reporter definitely slipped up when she told viewers that the Prez in from Kenya.  I actually think that Disingenuous White Progressives would love the USA to have a Kenyan president. At any rate, the clip is very amusing. Enjoy!

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Raw Story Needs to Fire its Photo Editor – Jamarion Lawhorn Doesn’t Look Like The Picture They Chose

The Raw Story is generally a pretty good source for crime stories, but I ran across one that seemed odd to me.  It’s a very tragic tale of a boy who stabbed another boy in a playground.  That boy died.

The Grand Rapids Press reported that a shirtless 12-year-old boy walked up to a Kentwood, Michigan man, Glen Stacy, on Monday and asked to borrow his phone so he could report himself to the police, Mr. Stacy said the boy, named Jamarion Lawhorn (I got his name from another story, Raw Story did not mention it for reasons that should now be obvious), took the phone and called 911 on it, and said, “Hi, I just stabbed somebody. Please pick me up. I want to die. I don’t want to be on this earth anymore. Please pick me up.”

Police responding to the call discovered a 9-year-old boy, Conner Verkerke, who was critically injured and later died, near a playground. Stacy told The Grand Rapids Press that the boy seemed calm as he informed the 911 dispatcher that he didn’t know the other child he had stabbed.

He just “hated his life” and “taken many pills,” he allegedly told the dispatcher, before adding that he felt like “no one loved him.” Police first went to find the victim, and then began searching for Lawhorn. When they started moving in the wrong direction, Stacy said the boy yelled, “Hello! I’m right here! You’re going the wrong way!”

Raw Story does give an update – on the victim: “UPDATE: The Associated Press just reported the stabbed boy, now identified as Michael Conner Verkerke, died after being rushed to the hospital.”

Nothing about the perp – although they do give Shuttershock credit for the photo of a small boy on a cell phone, which, because the perp, Lawhorn, used a cellphone, I assume we are supposed to connect the photo they chose with Lawhorn’s imagine: ["Small boy listening to a cellphone" on Shutterstock]

When I did a little more digging, linking to other stories about the case, I saw the name Jamarion Lawhorn.

Hmmmm…then finally, after Jamarion had been brought into a public court and this was a big news stories, news media outlets could no longer hide his identity.

This is the photo Raw Story chose:


Guess which one of these boys is the victim, and which one is the kid now charged with murder:


One thing is very clear: If Michael Connor has stabbed Jamarion, it would have been on the national network news, and on the front page, above the fold, in the New York Times.

It would have been reported as a racial story on some level – you know a story that talks about how white people have to do some soul searching. Even though a neighbor reports having a funny feeling about Jamarion.

So there is much more to this story than we will probably never know. Jamarion makes me think of that other son of Obama, Philip Chism.

As it is, it will have nothing to do with racism, it will have nothing to do with anything serious and important – except that the “real victim” now will be Jamarion, because he’s “just a kid” and probably a victim of racism.

What else could it be, the news media will tell us.

I resent Raw Story for its dishonesty.

Scott Eric Kaufman is the author of the story.  I wonder if he chose the photograph or if a Raw Story editor did.  He earned a Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of California, Irvine in 2008, and he writes for Raw Story so you know how bad the educational system and the employment situation is in America.


One thing is clear: “We’re all victims here.”

Scott Kaufman 

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English Gardening is Racist! Soon to be a Hate Crime!

Classic racist English garden

A professor in the UK has said talking about gardening is just white people’s way of releasing their inner racist in multiculti Britain…because otherwise they’d be arrested of course.  Listeners to a cozy little British radio show, Gardeners’ Question Time, have been accused of racial stereotyping.  So it soon may be illegal to discuss soil purity and invasive species out loud.

We engage in this sort of insanity in the US too.

That’s right: Professor Ben Pitcher, a senior lecturer in sociology at the University of Westminster, claimed the program’s discussions on soil purity and non-native species promoted nationalist and fascist beliefs.

“According to an academic, the sedate Radio 4 panel show is riddled with “racial meanings” disguised as horticultural advice,” says the Daily Telegraph.

On another radio show, called “Thinking Allowed,” (where, apparently, there was not much thinking going on), the academic said: “Gardeners’ Question Time is not the most controversial show on Radio 4, and yet it is layered with, saturated with, racial meanings. “The context here is the rise of nationalism. The rise of racist and fascist parties across Europe. Nationalism is about shoring up a fantasy of national integrity. My question is, what feeds nationalism? What makes nationalism powerful?”

Prof Pitcher said the “crisis in white identity in multicultural Britain” meant people felt unable to express their views for fear of being called racist, so expressed their racial identity in other ways, such as talking about gardening, says the Telegraph.

Yes, there is a crisis of white identity – of British Identity, in Britain and it is being hastened by the British governing class not only though the State sponsored mass immigration of third world peoples, but through the educational system, which systematically makes white British, otherwise known as “British people” feel like insignificant nothings (this links to a very important story) whose duty it is to work and pay taxes to support the people who are replacing them.

Lola Young, a former professor of cultural studies (she is actually The Baroness Young of Hornsey OBE), agreed with Pitcher’s analysis, saying that, “I remember back in the late 80s-early 90s when rhododendrons were seen as this huge problem, and people were talking about going out rhododendron-bashing. That was at a time when Paki-bashing was something that was all too prevalent on our streets.”

This isn’t a joke.  Young is relating two completely unrelated events, figural “rhododendron-bashing” with “Paki-bashing” (and she uses a derogatory term, “Paki,” in the process!).

Mr Flowerdew (his real name), a regular panellist on the show, denied that people who enjoy discussing gardening were closet racists. “People aren’t gardening because they have some narrow nationalist view of the world.  They are gardening because they enjoy it and they like to be outside in nice surroundings.  We’ve been out in our gardens for more than 150 years so I don’t quite see how that fits. I think it’s ridiculous.”

A BBC spokesman, representing the flaccid PC BBC, said, “The passing mention of Gardeners’ Question Time was part of a broader discussion about language and race… the comment simply reflected the program’s use of accepted gardening and horticultural terminology.”

So on one level we can laugh uproariously at the charmingly funny British – they are garden crazy you know, and I doubt the new peoples taking over England will know how to tend to a classic English garden even if they wanted to, which most won’t.

But on the other hand, this Prof Pitcher is the sort of invasive species – pun intended – that takes over academia and rots the brains of some students while fomenting hatred in others for their hosts – in this case the British.

And in a sense, gardening is a “nationalist” pursuit in England – England is famous for its gardens, and gardeners. So gardening in England may soon become verboten, a hate crime. Because the job of the Disingenuous White Progressive (and Baronesses) is to rid Western first world countries of the accomplishments that made them great because, you know, it’s just not fair!

Somehow I knew Professor Pitcher would have bad teeth

Lola knows that when you don’t like a particular flower, you’re really saying you don’t like brown people. Thank god she’s not teaching impressionable minds anymore.

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Does Sheldon Adelson Realize He’s Helping America Become Anti-Israel?

Sheldon Adelson  Sheldon Adelson. He’s grotesque, isn’t he?

Casino big wig (and big ass) Sheldon Adelson was born in the United States but when he talks about “his country” he is talking about Israel, not the United States.

“Put a big fence around our country [he means Israel] and say to the guys over there that the trucks can’t go over our land if they carry weapons, the planes can’t go over our airspace if they carry weapons. Period. Tell them, you want to have a state, go do it the way you want.”

No. I’m not kidding.

Sheldon Adelson supports Israel and most especially its fence to keep outsiders out.  He fully believes that Israel should be a Jewish state, an ethno state, and not a multicultural state. However, as far as the United States is concerned, he wants as much mass immigration of third world peoples as possible.

He wants them for cheap labor and he wants them because he dislikes white Christians and wants them to be a minority in a country he does not consider his own but that he exploits for profit at any cost.

He is a disgusting pig, and that is a technical description.

But what is very interesting about Sheldon Adelson’s efforts to transform America into a third world nation is that it might not be so great for his pet project, funding and protecting Israel via US tax dollars.  His enthusiasm for mass immigration of third world peoples (to the US) might bite him in his ginormous ass.

You see, Americans are probably the only people on the globe, aside from Israelis, who care about Israel.  No one else does. MSNBC contributor Rula Jebreal reminds MSNBC (who probably don’t need to be reminded, Fox viewers may) viewers of this in an interesting clip from Ronan Farrow’s show, which was covered in the HufPo.

“We are disgustingly biased when it comes to this issue,” said Jebreal, an Italian-Palestinian journalist with dual Italian and Israeli citizenship. “Look how [much] air time Netanyahu and his folks have on air on a daily basis — Andrea Mitchell and others. I never see one Palestinian being interviewed on these same issues —” she said.

“I’m going to push back a little on that,” Farrow interjected. “We’ve had Palestinian voices on our air.”

“Maybe for 30 seconds, and then you have twenty-five minutes for Bibi Netanyahu, and half an hour for Naftali Bennett,” Jebreal countered, referring to Israel’s prime minister and minister of the economy, respectively, reports HufPo.


Jebreal says her future appearances were cancelled – she wondered on Twitter whether her voicing the obvious was the reason: Rula Jebreal ‪@rulajebreal Follow My forthcoming TV appearances have been cancelled! Is there a link between my expose and the cancellation?what about you ‪@EliLake ? 5:09 PM – 21 Jul 2014

I’m not going to get into the Israeli-Hamas craziness.  On the one hand, the Ashkenazi Jews who dominate Israeli life are smart people who do many wonderful things.  And I admire their interest in maintaining a culture and community. On the other hand, I am tired of the violence against and the collective demonization of Palestinians.

I’m sorry. I am.

Obviously I know many, many Jewish people, including Israelis.  I also know people who refer to themselves as Palestinian, and they are not terrorists, nor do they want to bomb their Jewish neighbors in New York City. Yes, that’s right dear reader, I believe that intelligent, Westernized people can live harmoniously when they have shared values, language, and culture.

Here is what is interesting – Rula Jebreal represents what America is quickly becoming – a multicultural, multi-lingual, and multi-tribal country.  A country that collectively doesn’t give a damn about Israel, and who may well be hostile toward it.  The joke’s on Sheldon Adelson!

That’s because our new America won’t be great for the Israel Lobby or our unending support, with lots of money, of Israel.

For instance, less that half of Latinos or Hispanics care about Israel. This article is a little ridiculous (consider the source, of course), but the numbers sound right.  It doesn’t say what the other 40% of Hispanics think of Israel either – but I can guess. Nothing. They don’t care. But when they realize how much of their potential social service dollars are going to Israel, more may very vocally object to it.

I cannot find any Pew or other poling on Asian American views of Israeli, but I suspect they are indifferent and some may even be hostile.

Certainly Palestinian Italians like Jebreal have no interest in US dollars propping up Israel. And many other Muslim immigrants and Indian and East Asian immigrants, who may be Muslim, or not, probably don’t have much interest in spending billions of dollars on Israel’s war machine – either their tax dollars or dollars they could be receiving through the welfare state.

Central American kiddies, when they grow up to be Democrat voters, may not be especially interested in voting for their welfare dollars to go to Israel either – and politicians who “represent” them may no longer feel it necessary to prop up Israel either.

Can Sheldon Adelson really pay off all of these people to care about Israel?  Does he really have that much money?

In short, mass immigration of third world peoples, many of them non-Christian and certainly not Jewish, may be the end of the Israel Lobby.  Ironic, isn’t it, since the biggest supporters of mass immigration of third world peoples are Jewish.

Funny. Isn’t it.

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Mother Jones’ Tasmeen Raja Pretends People are Completely Interchangeable – They’re Not


 An adorable German child reading a comic book, or as the caption in the Mother Jones story reads: “A German refugee child and Superman devotee at the New York City Children’s Colony, a school for refugee children run by Viennese immigrants” Please note this was a private charity that did not receive State money, and was not being run by the State.

In a July 18, 2014 issue of Mother Jones, Tasmeen Raja argues that since children came through Ellis Island, we have to accept the hoards of teenagers adults, and some children who are invading us at the southern border.  Her logic (she must be a diversity hire, she certainly wasn’t hired for her reasoning power) is contained in the headline of her story: “Child Migrants Have Been Coming to America Alone Since Ellis Island.”

The story is accompanied by many charming photos of extremely well dressed children in suits and ties, and neatly combed hair.

My reply is So What?

Raja, who is undoubtedly part of the transformation of America into a third world multi-cultural, multi-tribal, multi-lingual country where feudalism rules, says that the kiddies from Central America are no different from the little tyke, Annie Moore, who arrived on Ellis Island on January 1, 1892, her 15th birthday.

“She had traveled with her two little brothers from Cork County, Ireland, and when they walked off the gangplank, she was awarded a certificate and a $10 gold coin for being the first to register. Today, a statue of Annie stands on the island, a testament to the courage of millions of children who passed through those same doors, often traveling without an older family member to help them along,” writes Raja.

That’s nice.


 Neatly dressed Russian children coming through Ellis Island, 1908

She continues: “Of course, not everyone was lining up to give Annie and her fellow passengers a warm welcome. Alarmists painted immigrants—children included—as disease-ridden job stealers bent on destroying the American way of life. And they’re still at it.”

That is true.  And when Irish gangs did some terrible things, those protestors may have been right.  She’s also right about today’s colonists and invaders bringing in diseases. Maybe when Raja gets ebola she’s reconsider her sentiment on that one.

But let’s get to the real problem with this story.

What did the State do to pay for them at that time? Nothing.  Ellis Island set up sandboxes for the children…so how much did that cost? $50?

These children  were not sponsored by gang leaders and drug dealers.  They also went through Ellis Island – this is an important distinction between those walking across the border.  Ellis Island was a check point, a legitimate one.

Moreover, State welfare did not exist in the 1800s.  Indeed, the welfare state did not exist until FDR started it. That was an unfortunate turn of events.  It has only become more bloated and expansive since then, and today our tax dollars will now be filtered to our dissolution.  Just the way Raja wants it – but who will pay the bills when there are too few Anglos in servitude to the State to support what she wants? Because Central American kiddies sure aren’t going to do it.

That’s because, Miss Raja, children and adults are not interchangeable and they are not “created equal.”  Ever wonder why a third world country is a third world country. is it really entirely whitey’s fault?

These children coming to Ellis Island crossed an ocean, stow-away or not. That means there were by and large Europeans, so they actually shared some common ground with Americans, who at that time, were also by and large of European descent.

History was taught differently and “assimilation” was not a racist concept. So the situation is very different than it is today.

More than that, private people and private charities took care of these children. Today it is the State doing it through the redistribution of our money.  That’s different and it’s tyrannical. Raja may not understand this because she may know little or nothing about the fact that the Welfare State was not supposed to be intrinsic to America or the “American Idea” because she is an uneducated collectivist.

Raja has written an incredibly simple minded article meant to make people feel guilty. It’s not working.


 Some adorable little ragamuffins from Central America crossing the border. Couldn’t you just eat them up!?

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